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Admiral Brown

Welcome to the 1777 – 1857 Admiral William Brown website, where history, heritage, and the enduring ties between Ireland and Argentina converge. Named after the illustrious Admiral William Brown, hailed as the “Father of the Argentine Navy,” this platform celebrates the rich connections between two nations bonded by maritime legacy and shared cultural threads.


Embark on a journey through time as we explore the remarkable life of Admiral Brown, an Irish immigrant whose indomitable spirit and naval prowess left an indelible mark on both Ireland and Argentina. From his humble beginnings in Foxford, County Mayo, to his pivotal role in shaping Argentina’s naval history, his legacy serves as a testament to the enduring bond between our two nations.

Delve into the intertwined histories of the Irish and Argentine Navies, tracing the footsteps of brave sailors who traversed oceans in pursuit of adventure, trade, and service to their respective nations. Learn about the ARA Libertad and its visits to Ireland and Mayo over the years.

Discover the contributions of Irish immigrants to Argentina’s maritime heritage, from shipbuilding to seafaring, and the enduring influence of Argentine culture on the Irish diaspora.

Celebrate the vibrant cultural exchange between Ireland and Argentina, from traditional music and dance to culinary delights that reflect the fusion of both nations’ culinary traditions. Explore educational resources that highlight the shared heritage of our peoples, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for our intertwined histories.

Join us in preserving and promoting maritime heritage for future generations, honoring the legacy of Admiral William Brown and the countless individuals who shaped our shared history. Together, let us continue to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between Ireland and Argentina, bridging continents through our shared maritime legacy.


Mayo County Council in Ireland and Municipalidad De Almirante Brown in Argentina hereby proclaim a Twinning between the Local Authorities in consideration of the following:
  • The founder of the Argentinean Navy, Admiral William Brown, was born in Foxford, Co. Mayo, in 1777.
  • Admiral William Brown and the Navy which he founded, helped to secure the independence of Argentina as a sovereign and independent State.
  • People such as Admiral Brown and other emigrants from Ireland, found in Argentina opportunities and liberties which did not exist in Ireland.
  • The Irish community as an ethnic group has contributed to the development and greatness that Argentina enjoys today.
IT IS HEREBY AGREED that this Twinning will support and encourage:
  • Honouring the memory and achievements of Admiral William Brown both in Argentina and in Ireland.
  • Cultural, economic and tourism exchanges between the County of Mayo in Ireland and Municipalidad De Almirante Brown in Argentina..
  • The promotion of greater mutual understanding of our heritage among our young people and how this has shaped the society in which we live today.
  • The Irish community as an ethnic group has contributed to the development and greatness that Argentina enjoys today.


Admiral William Brown Foxford, often simply referred to as William Brown, was a distinguished naval officer and one of the most celebrated figures in the history of maritime warfare, particularly in the context of South America.
Born on June 22, 1777, in Foxford, County Mayo, Ireland, he would go on to become a key figure in the independence movements of several South American countries during the early 19th century. Brown’s early life was marked by hardship and adventure. At the age of nine, he travelled to Philiadelphia, USA and embarked on a seafaring life, and was later impressed into the British Merchant Navy. His career as a sailor took him around the world, providing him with invaluable experience and honing his skills as a naval strategist and commander.
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In 1806, Brown`s life took a significant turn when he joined the Argentine Navy during the British invasions of the Río de la Plata. His expertise and leadership abilities quickly earned him recognition, and he rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the first Admiral of the Argentine Navy.
Under Brown`s command, the Argentine Navy achieved several decisive victories against the Spanish Royal Navy during the Argentine War of Independence.
His most notable triumph came in the Battle of Juncal in 1827, where his strategic brilliance and naval prowess secured a crucial victory for the Argentine forces, effectively ending Spanish naval dominance in the region. Throughout his career, Admiral William Brown Foxford played a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of South America, earning him the title of the "Father of the Argentine Navy" and the admiration of countless individuals across the continent. His legacy continues to be celebrated in Foxford, County Mayo, Argentina and beyond, serving as a symbol of courage, leadership, and determination in the face of adversity.
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Chairperson Vision

As Chairperson of the Admiral Brown Society since 2021, my vision is to honor Admiral Brown’s legacy by fostering a vibrant community dedicated to maritime heritage, leadership, and service. Through educational programs, cultural events, and partnerships, we will celebrate his pioneering spirit and commitment to excellence. Together, we will inspire future generations to embrace his values of courage, resilience, and innovation, ensuring that his contributions to history continue to inspire and resonate around the world. We will continue to build on the strong historical links between Ireland and Argentina and the partnerships between our two countries as we work towards the 250th anniversary of his birth in 2027.

Admiral Brown in Foxford

Anchor & Chain from Argentina

Located at the beginning of the Promenade.

Admiral Brown Statue

Bronze statue cast is Rosario, Argentina. The subject faces South West towards his beloved Argentina

Browns Life Story

Follow the amazing story of Browns life on the plaques along the Prominade

Admiral Brown Memorial Hall

Church Road, Foxford.

The Admiral Brown Monument

Gifted to the people of Foxford in 1957 by the Argentine Navy.

Statue of Our Lady of Lujan

On display in St Michaels Church, Foxford.

Admiral Brown in Dublin City Centre

This replica statue stands proud on Sir John Rogerson’s Quay, overlooking the River Liffey where the ARA Libertad docks when visiting our shores.

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As Chairperson of the Admiral Brown Society since 2021, my vision is to...
As Chairperson of the Admiral Brown Society since 2021, my vision is to...
As Chairperson of the Admiral Brown Society since 2021, my vision is to...
As Chairperson of the Admiral Brown Society since 2021, my vision is to...

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